Damien Dempsey
A unique sound drawing from a wide range of influences. Powerful, poetic and emotional live performances. "Angry and humorous, it's grate music and lyrics.. He sees the beauty that is Ireland and that is Ireland's past and that can be Ireland's future" Shane Mc Gowan

Linenhall Arts Centre 11
Friday 8.30pm. Adm €12, €10
  Louis Stewart Trio
Conferred with a doctorate in Music from Trinity in '98 his life-long love of jazz guitar has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the world's foremost jazz guitarists. Joined by two of the finest musicians on the Irish jazz scene, Justin Carroll - organ and Myles Drennan - Drums.

Linenhall Arts Centre 11
Saturday 8.30pm. Adm €12, €10
  John Spillane
"one of the most significant singer/songwriters to emerge in Ireland in the last decade - one of the truest Irish voices of his generation" P.J. Curtis.
John's songs takes the listener on a musical journey from rock to blues to jazz and eventually home to Irish traditional Music.

Linenhall Arts Centre 11
Sunday 8.30pm. Adm €12, €10
  Muffin Men
From complex rock to jazz styling's, boogie blues to avant garde, chamber music to silly doo-wop, the Muffinz have over the years recorded 10 CDs and had 4 original members of the Mothers of Invention/Zappa bands in their line-up. Expect fine musicians playing fine music.

Blues Ball, TF Royal Theatre 19
Sunday Midnight, Adm. €12

John Dickson
A founding member of the award winning Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes. A wide and wild blend of musical styles, his solo mix of original, folk and blues repertoire is not to be misses. A talented guitarist and gifted performer.

Buckos 2
Tolsters 20

  Warwick Embury
Songwriter extradionaire, Warwick's music and delivery are honest and soulful, influences being mainly black American Blues, Soul and Tamla. He injects his own enthusiasm and eccentric view of life into his songs and performance.

Buckos 2
Tolsters 20
  Dizzy Blues Band
Punchy, up-tempo rhythm and blues and gutsy powerhouse music - a mix that is always a real audience pleaser! Together for over 9 years they draw their brand of blues from rural and urban traditions.

Daly's Hotel 6
  Chad Dughi
Guitarist, singer / song-writer and harmonica player, his extensive repertoire encompasses a variety of styles, country blues, ragtime blues, old-time, jazz and bluegrass. Born in Hawaii, his guitar playing is fiery and sown home.

Rays 16
  Rev Doc and the Congregation
Together with the exceptional line-up of 'The Congregation' - a complete lack of reverence, fun showmanship and ability to play, Doc is 3 times British blues and melodic harp champion.

Maximos 12
  Lil' Jimmy Reed
Big Jim, long since dead passed on the Alabama Blues title to his adopted son in music, in name and in spirit - an Alabama stalwart in blues guitar and harmonica. Winner of the Alabama Blues Treasure Award

Coxs 5
  "The Reverend"
Playing the two instruments which epitomise the sound and feel of the Blues - the electric slide guitar and amplified harmonica. Together with a unique one-man sound and a strong vocal delivery of lyrics.

McCarthys 13

The Blues Fools
Founded in 1995 by Matyas Pribojszki, one of the most popular harp players of Hungary, this band is one of the most appreciated live acts on the Hungarian blues scene and Eastern Europe.

Castle Inn 4

  The Swing Commanders
When you hear these Lancashire lads play Jump Jive and Cowboy Jazz you'll think they were born in the 1920's. Featuring 2 former members of The Winchesters, crooner Peter O'Reilly & guitar stylist Jesse Winter.

Bungalow Bar 3
  The Hangover Blues Band
A five-piece Rhythm and Blues band, based in Warwick, England, with electrifying Blues played with passion. A solid vocal and a high standard of harmonica playing enhances the skillful playing of this fine band.

Hennelly's 8
  The Numbers Racket
One of the premier jump-jive, swing and blues bands around. A high energy dynamic show from a six-piece band packed with horns and harmonicas. Guaranteed to get you off your seat and onto the floor.

Flannelly's 7
  Errol Linton's Blues Vibe
Fresh, alive and completely real, Errol and his talented band provide a full-on mix of reggae rhythms with a deep old blues sounds of the delta. Linton's blues is raw and bloody, an urban sound with rural roots.

Mc Goldricks 14
  The Blueballs
An Engaging and electric blues show. Material ranging from the Texas blues of the fabulous Thunderballs, to the Louisiana swamp blues of Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester and Muddy Waters, played with energetic verve and humour

Irish House 10
  Ian Parker Band
Rising from the ashes of the popular 'Parker Alibi' comes the new project of the 25 year old singer / songwriter and dynamic guitar player. Featuring ex-Aynsley Lister Band bassist Steve Amadeo and ex-Robert Plant drummer Andy Edwards.

Bar One 1
  Ted Crooks West Coast Sound
Formed by some of Wales's leading blues men the band play a mixture of West Coast and Swing Style Chicago blues. Voted 'best local band' 01 by South Wales' Blue Dragon Blues Club.

Sloyans 17
  The Blues Katz
This is Bouncing Chicago and Texas Blues from Northern Ireland which will get you on to the floor - one way or another! Ian Sands, 'Lou' Cambel, Bobby Dyer, Barry Graham and Neil Cunningham are the band.

Humbert Inn 9
  Danny Bryant's Redeye Band
A power house trio rock rock / blues band from Hertforshire who have a vast following and are constantly gigging. A trusty and musically agile and skillful band led by Danny Bryant on lead guitars and vocals.

Stalkys 18
  Martin & White
Pat from London, and John from Liverpool, have both played the Blues all over Britain and Ireland as solo performers and now as exciting duo, producing a huge Acoustic Delta-Blues sound.

Mulroys 15

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